JP Roofing Solutions Expands It’s Solar Products Offering

JP Roofing Solutions has been selling Photovoltaic Solar Attic Fans and Tubular Skylights (Sun Tubes) manufactured by Natural Light Products for many years.

Today we are announcing that we have entered into a Strategic Business Alliance with Palmetto State Solar. JP will install roof replacement projects for Palmetto State Solar customers in the in Central and Western North Carolina. JP will become a sales partner with Palmetto State Solar Systems and begin offering their complete line of solar generation systems to our customers in NC.

JP has ordered a 13KW rooftop solar system with 40 high-efficiency solar collection panels manufactured in the USA by Panasonic which has been installed and will be commissioned shortly.

With the 30% Federal Tax Rebate likely ending in 2019 and replaced with a lower tax credit, and an available rebate of up to $6,000.00 from Duke Energy, now is the time to consider generating your own electricity to become more ecofriendly and protect yourself from the inevitable future price increases from the big utility generation companies. The Panasonic Solar System offers a 25 year product and performance warranty with very favorable low interest financing available using a non-secured loan from one of our Solar Banks. With Duke Energies Net Metering program, no storage batteries are required and you can lock in your potential electric savings for years into the future at a cost that is very similar to what you are currently paying for electricity.

I am looking forward to watching my power bill be reduced by more than $200.00 per month. Our system will be set up to automatically sell the excess power that we generate back to Duke energy at the same price that they are currently charging.

JP Solutions was founded in Charlotte, NC in 2009. JP Roofing Solutions was established in Brevard in 2016 and offers residential roof replacement services for residential customers using IKO Premium Architectural Shingles, Superior Systems Metal Roofing, and/or TOP-SPEC EDPM Membrane roofing materials. We have two highly trained professional roof installation teams to service our local marketing area and have the currently capacity to re-roof 1-2 houses per day

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John F. Peil

JP Roofing Solutions